House Plants Hoodia desert cactus care, characteristics and Photo

House Plants Hoodia desert cactus  Photo; pink
House Plants Hoodia desert cactus  Photo; pink

House Plants Hoodia desert cactus care, characteristics and Photo

care, cultivation and growing:

frequency of wateringrare
light needsfull sun
location of cactus or succulentsouth window
air humiditydry
growing complexityundemanding

Hoodia desert cactus characteristics and description:

plant height (cm)50-100 cm
flower colorpink
timing of floweringspring
form of succulent or cactuserect
plant typesdesert cactus
plant colorgreen

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Characteristics desert cactus Hoodia. Flower color pink. Plant types desert cactus. Growing complexity undemanding. Timing of flowering spring. Plant height (cm) 50-100 cm. Plant color green. Location of cactus or succulent south window. Light needs full sun. Frequency of watering rare. Air humidity dry. Form of succulent or cactus erect.

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