House Flowers African Tulip Tree (Spathodea) care, characteristics and Photo

Latin name: Spathodea

House Flowers African Tulip Tree  (Spathodea) Photo; red
House Flowers African Tulip Tree  (Spathodea) Photo; yellow

House Flowers African Tulip Tree (Spathodea) care, characteristics and Photo

care, cultivation and growing:

growing complexityfor the experienced grower
location of plantbright room, east window, north window
period of restno
light needsbright ambient light
frequency of wateringmoderate
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant
air humiditywet

African Tulip Tree characteristics and description:

plant height (cm)higher 100 cm
flower coloryellow, red
fragrant flowerno fragrance
timing of floweringwinter, autumn, summer, spring
type of stemerect
leaf formpalmately
type of flowertree
foliage colourgreen

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Characteristics Indoor Plants African Tulip Tree. Plant height (cm) higher 100 cm. Fragrant flower no fragrance. Type of flower tree. Leaf form palmately. Period of rest no. Type of stem erect. Air humidity wet. Light needs bright ambient light. Location of plant bright room, east window, north window. Foliage colour green. Flower color yellow, red. Frequency of watering moderate. Timing of flowering winter, autumn, summer, spring. Growing complexity for the experienced grower. Not poisonous plant.









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