House Flowers Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia) care, characteristics and Photo

Latin name: Sarracenia

House Flowers Pitcher Plant  (Sarracenia) Photo; red
House Flowers Pitcher Plant  (Sarracenia) Photo; claret
House Flowers Pitcher Plant  (Sarracenia) Photo; green

House Flowers Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia) care, characteristics and Photo

care, cultivation and growing:

growing complexityfor the grower with some experience
location of planteast window, western window
period of restyes
light needsbright ambient light
frequency of wateringabundant
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant
air humiditywet

Pitcher Plant characteristics and description:

plant height (cm)30-50 cm
flower colorgreen, claret, red
fragrant flowerno fragrance
timing of floweringsummer
type of stemerect
leaf formlinear
type of flowerherbaceous plant
foliage colourred, claret, light green, green

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catalog: House Flowers (Indoor Flowers)

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Characteristics Pitcher Plant. Plant height (cm) 30-50 cm. Type of flower herbaceous plant. Fragrant flower no fragrance. Leaf form linear. Type of stem erect. Period of rest yes. Growing complexity for the grower with some experience. Frequency of watering abundant. Flower color green, claret, red. Foliage colour red, claret, light green, green. Location of plant east window, western window. Light needs bright ambient light. Timing of flowering summer. Air humidity wet. Not poisonous plant.






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