House Flowers Strophanthus liana care, characteristics and Photo

House Flowers Strophanthus liana  Photo; white
House Flowers Strophanthus liana  Photo; pink
House Flowers Strophanthus liana  Photo; orange

House Flowers Strophanthus liana care, characteristics and Photo

care, cultivation and growing:

growing complexityfor the experienced grower
location of planteast window, western window
period of restyes
light needspartial shade
frequency of wateringabundant
poisonous plantparts of plant are poisonous or toxic
air humiditywet

Strophanthus liana characteristics and description:

plant height (cm)50-100 cm
flower colorpink, orange, white
fragrant flowerfragrance
timing of floweringsummer, spring
type of stemcreeping
leaf formoval
type of flowerliana
foliage colourgreen

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catalog: House Flowers (Indoor Flowers)

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Characteristics Indoor Plants Strophanthus. Type of stem creeping. Type of flower liana. Fragrant flower fragrance. Flower color pink, orange, white. Plant height (cm) 50-100 cm. Period of rest yes. Growing complexity for the experienced grower. Frequency of watering abundant. Leaf form oval. Foliage colour green. Air humidity wet. Light needs partial shade. Timing of flowering summer, spring. Location of plant east window, western window. Parts of plant are poisonous or toxic.











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