House Plants Carambola, Starfrui tree (Averrhoa carambola) (green) care, characteristics and Photo

Latin name: Averrhoa carambola

House Plants Carambola, Starfrui tree (Averrhoa carambola) Photo; green

House Plants Carambola, Starfrui tree (Averrhoa carambola) care, characteristics and Photo

care, cultivation and growing:

growing complexityundemanding
frequency of wateringabundant
period of restno
air humiditywet
location of plantnorth window, east window, bright room
light needsbright ambient light

Carambola, Starfrui tree characteristics and description:

foliage colourgreen
type of stemerect
plant height (cm)higher 150 cm
plant typestree
leaf formoval
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant

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Characteristics Indoor Plants Carambola, Starfrui. Growing complexity undemanding. Leaf form oval. Plant types tree. Air humidity wet. Plant height (cm) higher 150 cm. Foliage colour green. Frequency of watering abundant. Not poisonous plant. Type of stem erect. Light needs bright ambient light. Location of plant north window, east window, bright room. Period of rest no.






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