House Plants Leatherleaf fern (Rumohra) (green) care, characteristics and Photo

Latin name: Rumohra

House Plants Leatherleaf fern  (Rumohra) Photo; green

House Plants Leatherleaf fern (Rumohra) care, characteristics and Photo

care, cultivation and growing:

growing complexityfor the grower with some experience
frequency of wateringabundant
period of restno
air humiditywet
location of plantbright room, north window
light needspartial shade, bright ambient light

Leatherleaf fern characteristics and description:

foliage colourgreen
type of stemspreading
plant height (cm)30-50 cm
plant typesherbaceous plant
leaf formpalmately
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant

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Characteristics Indoor Plants Leatherleaf fern. Growing complexity for the grower with some experience. Leaf form palmately. Plant types herbaceous plant. Air humidity wet. Plant height (cm) 30-50 cm. Foliage colour green. Frequency of watering abundant. Not poisonous plant. Type of stem spreading. Light needs partial shade, bright ambient light. Location of plant bright room, north window. Period of rest no.






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