Sadko Т-380B&S cultivator easy petrol Photo

Sadko Т-380B&S cultivator easy petrol Photo

Sadko Т-380B&S cultivator easy petrol Photo

Sadko Т-380B&S characteristics and description:

supported attachmentsno
width tillage, min (cm)38.00
width tillage, max (cm)38.00
number of cutters included4.00
rotation speed, min (rev/min)120.00
rotation speed, max (rev/min)120.00
the direction of rotation of cuttersdirect
depth of cultivation (cm)12.50
engine typepetrol
engine manufacturerBriggs and Stratton
presence of reverseno
fuel tank capacity (L)0.90
number of cyclesfour-cycle
number of gears (forward)1.00
number of gears (back)0.00
the number of cylinders of the engine1.00
displacement (cc)148.00
type of gearworm


weight (kg)29.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

motor power (hp)3.54
engine power (kW)2.60

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cultivator Sadko

Characteristics cultivator Sadko Т-380B&S. Displacement 148.00 cc. Depth of cultivation 12.50 cm. Width tillage, min 38.00 - width tillage, max 38.00 cm. Number of gears 0.00 back. Rotation speed, min 120.00 - rotation speed, max 120.00 rev/min. The number of cylinders of the engine 1.00. Manufacturer Sadko. Fuel tank capacity 0.90 L. Number of cutters included 4.00. Number of gears 1.00 forward. Motor power 3.54 hp. Engine power 2.60 kW. Type cultivator. Engine speed 0.00 rev/min. The direction of rotation of cutters direct. Weight 29.00 kg. Number of cycles four-cycle. Engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton. Engine type petrol. Class easy. Gearbox single-stage. Type of gear worm.



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